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जयतु जयतु हिन्दुराष्ट्रम् ।

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For establishing the Hindu Nation
Sanatan Prabhat

Not merely news; perspectives on
welfare of the Nation and Dharma too !

     Despite financial losses, Sanatan Prabhat Periodicals are successfully marching ahead on the mission of uniting Hindus and protecting Dharma. Sanatan Prabhat Periodicals elucidates on various subjects such as onslaughts on the Nation and Hindus (Contains news items not published by any other newspapers), Spirituality, denigration of Deities etc. with the sole intention of creating awareness amongst Hindus. You too can help in this cause by subscribing to Sanatan Prabhat. 
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Salient features of Sanatan Prabhat

1. Uniting Hindus for opposing denigration of Deities and anti-Dharmik laws ! 

2. Criticism of Dharma, Deities, Saints and patriots is strongly countered !

3. Creating awareness in Hindus about religious conversions, Idol-desecration !

4. Introduction and publicity to the mission and personality of Saints and devout Hindus who strive to protect Dharma !

5. Enlightening articles that create awakening about the Nation

6. Articles that guide on efforts to be made for establishing an ideal Hindu Nation

7. Daily that counters anti-nationalists and shows the right path to the society

8. Uniting the society against those who cause damage to the Nation 

Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, Mumbai
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Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, Paschim Maharashtra
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Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, Ratnagiri
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Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, Goa
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Saptahik Sanatan Prabhat, Marathi (Weekly)
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Saptahik Sanatan Prabhat, Kannada
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Sanatan Prabhat, Hindi (Monthly)
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Sanatan Prabhat, Gujarati (Monthly)
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Sanatan Prabhat, English (Monthly)
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धर्माभिमानी हिंदूंनो, अध्यात्मातील प्रत्येक 'का' अन् 'कसे' यांची शास्त्रशुध्द उत्तरे वर वाचा आणि 'अध्यात्म' अनुभवा !
धर्माभिमानी हिंदूंनो, धर्माची सद्यस्थिती जाणून घेण्यासाठी इंग्रजी आणि हिंदी संकेतस्थळाला भेट द्या ! English : हिंदी :